Wine Makers Dinner
~ Who? Gualdo del Re is a winery originating from Suvereto, Tuscany. The three organic wines our guests will be able to taste are: Vermentino La Valentina, Tuscany - 2005 Eliseo Sangiovese - 2014 Gualdo del Re, Sangiovese Grosso DOCG, Suvereto - 2011

The price for the three-courses & three glasses of wine Menu is 475 kr.
• Carpaccio of Codfish served with mango, lime and toasted hazelnuts
• Chef's Risotto with cream of basil, served with roasted walnuts and parmisan
• Low-temperature cooked Top Bade (beef) served with layers of roasted potatoes, red wine sauce and seasonal vegetables.
~ When?
Saturday, 10th of June from 19.00 to 23.00.

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