New Years Eve 2018


Velkomst appetitvækker
Welcome appetizer
Stuzzichino di Benvenuto

”Come una tartare” af laks serveret med mandelcreme og citrusfrugt
“Come una tartare” of salmon served with almonds cream and citrus fruits
“Come una tartare” di salmone servita con crema di mandorle e agrumi

Perlehøneterrin serveret med tørtfrugtsouce og crostini
Guinea fowl terrine served with dried fruits and crostini
Terrina dei faraona con salsa ai frutti disidratati e crostini

Risotto med graskær og anderagú
Risotto with pumpkin and duck-ragú
Risotto alla zucca con ragú d´anatra

Oksemørbrad serveret med kartoffel millefeuille, karl johan svampesouce or årstidengrønsag
Beef tenderloin served with potatoes millefeuille, porcinis sauce and seasonal vegetables
Filetto di manzo con millefoglie di patate, salsa ai porcini e contorno di stagione

Semifreddo af Panettone og chokolade
Semifreddo of Panettone and chocolate
Semifreddo al Panettone e cioccolato

Price: 625,- DKK

Wine Makers Dinner
~ Who? Gualdo del Re is a winery originating from Suvereto, Tuscany. The three organic wines our guests will be able to taste are: Vermentino La Valentina, Tuscany - 2005 Eliseo Sangiovese - 2014 Gualdo del Re, Sangiovese Grosso DOCG, Suvereto - 2011

The price for the three-courses & three glasses of wine Menu is 475 kr.
• Carpaccio of Codfish served with mango, lime and toasted hazelnuts
• Chef's Risotto with cream of basil, served with roasted walnuts and parmisan
• Low-temperature cooked Top Bade (beef) served with layers of roasted potatoes, red wine sauce and seasonal vegetables.
~ When?
Saturday, 10th of June from 19.00 to 23.00.

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